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On Tuesdays, people of Faith are invited to stop whatever they are doing at 10:10am and/or 10:10pm and join together in prayer.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing...this is when we take the time to stop and pray.

 Be sure to set the alarm on your phone, watch, clock,or computer for 10:10 (am and/or pm) each day! Together, we will be Faithful prayer presence in our community and in the world around us.


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Prayer: What we believe

Our shared vision in the United Methodist Church is for every congregation to become a vital expression of the scriptural imperatives to Grow in Love of God and Neighbor
(Matthew 22:37-40), to Reach New People (Matthew 28:19-20), and to Heal a Broken World (Luke 4:16- 21). Each week at Faith Church, we will post in the worship bulletin and online, and will send out by email a focus in one of these areas.
If you would like a specific prayer to offer each week along with our prayer focus, consider praying the Lord's Prayer or this "Prayer for Living Expectantly" which includes each of the prayer focus areas:

Gracious and Life-Giving God, Pour out your Holy Spirit, like a mighty wind and tongues of fire, to unleash our church to see kingdom visions, to dream God-size dreams, and to prophesy to your saving grace and justice.Revive the power of the gospel in me, and in the heart of our pastor and leaders in the church, so as to grow and prosper their words and actions, so that all may hear the good news. Boldly use me, without limits, delays or excuses, to be a living praise and witness to your love throughout all the earth and a blessing to all creation. Create in me an expectant heart, eager to receive your Spirit gifts and guidance to the glory of
Jesus Christ, in whose precious and powerful name I pray. Amen.

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